Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Great Example of How Businesses Support Non-Profits

Last night I volunteered at a Wine Walk to benefit New Vista Communities which is an amazing Las Vegas NPO that houses and empowers adults with disabilities.  This event was a perfect example of local businesses supporting a favorite cause to benefit everyone involved.

The event was at a beautiful outdoor shopping area (thank goodness for perfect weather last night) and I am very sure the attendees checked out some of the stores while they were there to taste the wine.  Great PR for the shopping area!

The wine was provided by a local distributer and the glasses were provided by and etched with the name of a local store that sells that wine.  Perfect! Now the attendees have new wines they want to buy and know just where to go to get them.

Does this bring to your mind any great pairings of local businesses and charities that you would like to share?

All the best, Heidi

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